Proven Productivity Hacks For Savvy Software Developers

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Productivity is often a concern for professionals because even the most skilled and experienced people encounter bottlenecks at some point. The risk runs high if you work in a technical area such as software development. The journey may become stressful and frustrating because small errors during projects can land you in big problems. However, a little effort helps you be more productive and achieve more with less. Moreover, you are likely to make fewer mistakes, regardless of the complexity of the projects you work on. Let us share a few proven productivity hacks for savvy software developers.

Create a realistic schedule

A realistic schedule is the key to becoming the most productive version of oneself. But software developers often end up working with unrealistic timelines and work hours, which only eats up productivity. Moreover, it can easily get you into procrastination mode without a schedule. Follow your biological rhythm to identify the best routine that works for you. Whether you work from home or the office, stick to a schedule you feel the most comfortable with.

Choose high-quality tools

Software development is a complicated task, so you cannot expect to do everything alone. You will need tools and apps to help you with the core development part and other aspects like reviews, time tracking, and reminders. Stick with high-quality tools that get the job done within a shorter time. Additionally, avoid using too many of them because they can complicate your job instead of simplifying it.

Look for a development platform

Working on several projects simultaneously or back-to-back can be taxing for software developers. You can use a low-code development platform instead of starting from scratch for each app. While Heroku is one of the most popular platforms, you can find free heroku alternatives that are equally good. Features like simple APIs and SDKs, real-time databases, and cloud-based codes make them easy to use. Leveraging them makes you more productive as you can do more with less coding.

Steer clear of multitasking

Multitasking is an attractive proposition for software development experts, but it does more harm than good. Context switching can crush your productivity and cause mistakes as you jump between tasks. You may wrap up projects faster with this approach, but it often leads to erroneous codes that land you in a fix at the testing stage. It is better to focus on one task at a time to stay productive and efficient.

Block distractions 

Another productivity hack you cannot miss out on is blocking all distractions that may affect your focus. Notifications are a killer, so start by turning off email, Slack, and anything that may possibly disrupt your attention while coding. You can always check them during work breaks. Expect distractions to be more daunting if you work from home, but creating a dedicated workspace always helps. You can also commit to skipping unnecessary activities like browsing and gaming during work hours.

Achieving your productivity goals as a software developer need not be taxing. You can follow these tips and hacks to become a productive and efficient professional. 

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