Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

One of the reasons people don’t do what they know they really want to do is because they’re afraid to feel the fear, the pain, or the general feeling of shitty-ness that goes hand-in-hand with achieving success.

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Regardless of endeavor—both personal and professional—the most successful people know that excellence requires us to demand MORE of ourselves than others expect of us…

In short: excellence requires that we get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Building muscle is uncomfortable.

When I go to the gym to lift weights, I know that if I want to grow my muscles, I need to place a demand on my muscle fibers. If I want to develop more muscle mass, I need to turn up the pain. I need to lift a little more than my last workout, or crank out at least one more rep than last time.

This is uncomfortable.

When you lift weights, you’re literally ripping apart your muscle tissue. So, I know that if I want to increase my strength and muscle, I need to increase the demand I place on my muscles.

And what does this demand do to the muscles in my body? It tears them up, rips them apart, and breaks down my muscle fibers.

If a 3-year old were reading this (can kids read at that age?), the kid would ask: How on earth could something that sounds so bad for you, be good for you?


Because every torn muscle fiber is an opportunity for growth.

And your own life is no different. The gym is just a metaphor for life.

If you’re at work and you’ve been passed up for a promotion, use that pain as an opportunity for growth.

If you just got cheated on or broken up with, use that pain as an opportunity for growth.

If you lack the confidence to do something you know you want to do, use that pain as an opportunity for growth.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable…

Because just like there would be no light without darkness; there is no growth without pain.

Challenge yourself today to do ONE thing you’ve been resisting because you think it’s too uncomfortable.

Is it a phone call?

Is it a conversation?

Is it time to face the truth about something you’ve been avoiding?

What is it? Identify it. Take action on it. And prepare to experience massive growth and success once you decide to do so.

Diving into an ice-cold pool is daunting. But the longer you wait, the less likely you are to just do it. And once you say, “F-it,” and dive into the water, you’ll realize it’s only uncomfortable for a few seconds. After that, you find yourself feeling comfortable in what was—just a few short seconds ago—incredibly uncomfortable.

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