The most affordable internet marketing strategy in the world.

The most affordable internet marketing campaign you can setup for yourself, your brand, or your business is to:

#1. START a blog.

#2. DISCOVER & determine your target market (preferably based on values and NOT demographics) and brainstorm ideas about how you can create compelling content they want and need.

#3. FIGURE out how you might be able to tie that content back into your business.

#4. CREATE a content calendar and stick to it no matter what.

#5. PROMOTE the living daylights out of your content.


That's the most affordable internet marketing strategy in the world... So simple. So clean.

You might be wondering "Well Dean, if it's so simple, then why doesn't every body do it?"

Good question.

Here's your answer: SIMPLE does NOT equal EASY.

The reason why our firm Meaningful Marketing gets to exist is because we're willing to help people and companies do the simple things that aren't easy.

And the only thing that makes em' not-easy is the execution-factor... that is, to sit your ass down, and get it done.

So, what's the most affordable internet marketing technique in the world?
Figure out the top 3 biggest things -- that you can begin doing now -- that would have the largest impact on your business...

For me, it was:

1. creating relevant and engaging content on the internet.

2. marketing that content by distributing it to people I think it could help - or to people I think can help me find more people I think it could help.

3. going out and connecting with people OFF-LINE to market and drive them back to my products, programs, and services that are ON-LINE. (ie. conferences).

So, how about you? What's your "affordable" internet marketing strategy going to be? Drop me a line and let me know and I'd be glad to help if I can.

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