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Become a business consultant today with this "done-for-you" template

Ever think about becoming a business consultant in your area of expertise? Well, there aren’t any schools or degrees for becoming one.. and if you ever see them, it’s likely they’re bogus. The truth is, you can start consulting today. 

Copy of 1-day consulting business blueprint | by dean bokhari

And it’s really not that complicated (nor do you need a bunch of letters that no one cares about behind your name to justify your expertise). Just follow the guidelines in this template and you’ll be on your way.

follow these two basic rules:

#1. be specific

According to the Hoover Institute, there are currently 30,000 life coaches in the U.S… and many of them are broke as heck and on the brink of bankruptcy because they never differentiated themselves.

Instead of calling yourself a “life coach” or “business consultant”, consider being specific.

For example: a woman seeking therapy or life coaching would likely lean towards a “women’s life coach” over a regular “life coach”.

It makes sense to visit a specialist if the option is available. If you break your big toe playing basketball, would you rather visit your family physician or find a podiatrist who knows what he’s doing?

#2. price what you’re worth

My friend Charlie, s built like The Rock, but unfortunately, his self-confidence isn’t quite as solid as his muscles are. Even though he’s usually the biggest, most fit dude in the room, he still obsesses over how small he is compared to other guys (who are obviously half his size)....

Like Charlie, many of us have a tendency to under-value our own capabilities and over-value the capabilities of others. Don’t do that anymore.

No one values a $13-an-hour-coach or consultant of any kind. Don’t be afraid to charge your worth. Charge at least $100 per hour or a comparable fixed rate.

fill in the blanks:

  • My name is           ,
  • and I will help buyers:

  • I will charge $          per hour or a value-based rate of $          per service. these rates are fair to both myself and those that benefit from my service(s)

  • After hiring me, they will receive
  • my core benefit:

  • my secondary benefit:

my website will feature the following elements:

#1. The core benefit that I provide for buyers and how I’m qualified to provide it.

#2. Minimum two testimonials (doesn’t need to be fancy, and if you don’t have clients yet, provide your service for free, then ask for testimonials)

#3. Easily accessible pricing information. Never hide your prices or disguise them in anyway. Be upfront.

#4. Designated “how to hire” area.

fill in the blanks:

  • Three ideas for how I can find clients: (for example: google+ communities, yelp, blogging, partnerships, etc.)




  • I will have my first paying client on or before
  • this date:

There yah have it! Welcome to the consulting biz!

Dean Bokhari

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