Daniel Coyle : The Talent Code (interview)

Daniel Coyle - The Talent Code

“…struggling in certain targeted ways—operating at the edges of your ability, where you make mistakes—makes you smarter. Or to put it a slightly different way, experiences where you’re forced to slow down, make errors, and correct them—as you would if you were walking up an ice-covered hill, slipping and stumbling as you go—end up making you swift and graceful without your realizing it.” —Daniel Coyle, The Talent Code

What’s the secret of talent and how do we unlock it?

The answer to that question is focus of this week’s episode of the podcast where I’ll be interviewing Daniel Coyle, author of an amazing book called The Talent Code.

Today Dan’s here to tell us about what it really takes to tap into our greatest skills and talents—both in business and in life…

Oh, and by the way: we’ll be talking about more than just a bunch of vague, fluffy principles about “becoming successful” (you know me better than that).

In this interview, we’ll be diving deep into the science of skill acquisition.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this episode:

  • the tools you can use to maximize the potential in yourself and others
  • how to achieve success by practicing with passion and persistence
  • the neuroscience behind building skills


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The Talent Code: Greatness Isn’t Born. It’s Grown. Here’s How. by Daniel Coyle

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