Unlocking Success In Small Business: The Power Of Delegation


As a small business owner or manager, have you ever felt like you’re perpetually on a treadmill, juggling too many balls in the air, and just a step away from everything coming crashing down? If you’re nodding, chances are you’re running a small business and haven’t yet unlocked the secret of effective delegation.

The Magic Of Delegation

Delegation, in its essence, is entrusting a task or responsibility to someone else. It’s like taking that one juggling ball and passing it to someone who has more time or expertise to handle it effectively and efficiently. But, here’s the thing: we often associate delegation with a sign of weakness, thinking, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” But in most cases, it’s the complete opposite. Delegation can be a game-changer.

Time Is Money

If you’re managing all tasks, big and small, you’re probably overwhelmed and, let’s be honest, likely struggling with efficiency. By delegating, you free up time to focus on critical business strategies and decision-making processes.

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Expertise Matters

Expertise MatterWhile you may be good at many things, it’s improbable you’re an expert at everything. Delegating to specialists, whether internally or externally, ensures that the job isn’t just done, but it’s done exceptionally well. If you are an expert, but don’t have the time to tend to a task fully, then consider developing the skills of your team so that they can effectively handle the task.

Hesitations And Roadblocks

Yet, with many compelling reasons to delegate, why do so many of us hesitate?

Fear Of Losing Control

The common belief is that by delegating, you might lose grip over your business operations. However, with clear communication and trust, this fear is often unfounded.

The Misconception Of “It’s Faster if I Do It”

Initially, yes. But in the long run, investing time in training someone will save countless hours. As a strategic champion in your business, short-sightedness can be perceived as a weakness. You have to see the long-term value.

Concerns Over Costs

Outsourcing or hiring might seem like an added expense. But ponder this: How much is your time worth? If you’re spending hours on tasks that someone else could do for less, you’re not saving money; you’re losing it. 

Broadening The Delegation Horizons

While it’s vital to delegate tasks to subordinate team members, the realm of delegation expands beyond just your internal team. External service providers have a place in the market for this exact reason; it’s called outsourcing. Whether it’s a freelance graphic designer, a digital marketing agency, a virtual assistant, or payroll services, these external experts can be invaluable.

The big takeaway on this topic is that no successful empire was built single-handedly. Behind every thriving business is a team, a network, and a chorus of individuals and services that have been smartly delegated to.

Remember, delegation isn’t about passing off work you don’t want to do. It’s about recognizing the value of collaboration, expertise, and time management. It’s about zooming out to see the big picture and ensuring you’re not caught up painting every single leaf but rather focusing on the forest. So, the next time you find yourself drowning in tasks, ask yourself: “Is this the best use of my time? Is there someone better suited for this?” And then delegate.

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