Ways To Help Yourself When You Are Experiencing Anxiety

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Everyone experiences at least a little bit of anxiety in their lives. From test-taking apprehensions to a case of nerves or while buckled into your seat before a flight takes off, there are reasons to have a proverbial butterfly or two in your stomach. What is not healthy, however, is suffering through debilitating anxiety and worry that feel like an attack every day. There are things you can do to mitigate your anxiety, reduce your levels of stress, and start feeling better about yourself and the world around you. Keep reading to learn some proactive ways you can help yourself today.

Get Help When You Need It

The gripping feelings that come with anxiety do not manifest the same for everyone. Your sibling or friend may feel one thing or another while you experience something completely different. That does not mean that any feelings that arise are invalid just because they are dissimilar. Instead, what that means is that each person is unique and feels things in a way that is distinctive for them, you included. Finding anxiety help that resonates with each individual is essential to feel seen, heard, and helped when you are in a moment of concern or crisis. 

And remember that help is available even when you are not in crisis mode. You can schedule an appointment with your provider or counselor when things are going well or you hit a small bump in the road. Routine check-ins with a licensed therapist can help you stay on track and maintain a healthy mindset while making good decisions for your body and mind. Sometimes a little time spent with someone else to discuss any concerns, worries, or fears you have is enough to gain a new perspective or reframe the situation to make it more manageable and find ways to work through your problems. The important thing is to get help when you need it.

Talk with your provider to better understand the nuances involved with anxiety because not all anxiety is bad. Sometimes, that feeling can spur you on to finish a task or be more alert in a potentially dangerous situation. The salient point here is that you need to be cognizant of when the threshold from helpful to hurtful is crossed.

Watch this video for one person’s insight into living with anxiety and depression. As you watch it, be mindful to understand that just because a celebrity experiences anxiety and depressive feelings, just as everyone else does, does not mean they have not struggled or do not continue to struggle. Instead, the act of highlighting their own mental health issues can help normalize it for everyone else and realize that shame has no place in these complex feelings.

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Many people will experience some form of anxiety in their lives. Finding help and working through it are essential tools that everyone needs. Make it a priority to seek professional guidance and support when times are tough and even when things are going smoothly. It is important to know you have support, an available safety net, and that you are not alone.

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