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Every morning, right after I get out of the gym, I go on a 20 minute walk outside as part of my daily morning ritual. During this walk, I have a sequence of things I think about in order to set the tone for success on a daily basis — but it always starts with gratitude. I fill myself up with feelings of gratitude for everything I’ve been blessed with in life, from the big things—like: family, friends, life, health, mindfulness, business, and on and on—down to the most minute’ details that come with the privilege of being alive—like: having eyes to see, a tongue to taste, legs to walk with, a fridge full of food, electricity, etc. During these first few minutes of my morning walk, I try to think of literally everything that I’m grateful for in that moment. Once I’m filled with feelings of gratitude, on a very visceral and emotional level, I’ll move on to the next phase of my morning routine...

But it always starts with gratitude.

The purpose of this Gratitude Page is to serve as sort of an ongoing list of people I’m grateful for — both past and present, but mostly present — that have inspired me, influenced me, and/or have had some degree of impact on my life — both personally + professionally. Some of these people, I’ve had the pleasure of having met. Some I’ve known for years. Others I’ve only read about. But ALL of them have made some degree of difference in my life, and for that they deserve a sincere expression of gratitude.

Family first:

Zainab Bokhari
There’s only one person on this planet who I know will always love me no matter what… Love you, momma!

Fakhruddin Bokhari
If I could amend the Dictionary, I’d make my father’s name synonymous with Integrity … pops, you’re the only one person I’ve ever known to live his values as virtues, day by day, regardless of what anyone thinks or says.

Fahd Bokhari
My best friend and brother.

Amna Mazin
The most amazing, supportive wife a man could ever ask for. I love you more than I could ever express with words.

Gratitude list:
(in no particular order)

Oprah Winfrey

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Dale Carnegie

Stephen R. Covey

Gary Keller

Peter Drucker

Samnang Man

Members of The Delta Chi Fraternity
(Virginia Commonwealth University 04-09')

Stephen Seidel

Tony Robbins

David Allen

Chris Brogan

Nir Eyal

Noah Kagan

Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi

Tim Ferriss

Eben Pagan

Malcolm Gladwell

Keith Ferrazzi

Joe Rogan

Simon Sinek

Martha Beck

Charles Duhigg

Don Miguel Ruiz

Greg Plitt

Mortimer J. Adler

Benjamin Franklin

Muhammad Ali

Roy F. Baumeister

John Tierney

Tony Schwartz

Jim Loehr

Earl Nightingale

Zig Ziglar

Seth Godin

Daniel Pink

Special thanks to James Clear, for the inspiring the idea to create this page.

To be continued...  :-)

Dean Bokhari

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