how to deal with competition

Learning how to deal with competition EFFECTIVELY requires more technique than trying to stomp on everyone. In fact, the harder you try to "crush" your competition, the more of it you'll get.

how to deal with competition | environmental differentiation

In this episode of the Meaningful Show, I'll show you how a merchant in Mexico taught me a much classier way to handle competitors in your industry.

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The technique I discuss in the video, is called "environmental differentiation" - a term used to describe how keeping your finger on the pulse of the competition within your environment is the key to rising above the noise.

To be clear: you should not be "competing" the way most people think you should.

For an excellent example of someone who does this effectively, checkout Pat Flynn's blog, Smart Passive Income. Once you start reading his content or listening to his podcast, you'll start realizing the one big differentiator between Pat vs. his competition (other bloggers that teach you to make money online)... and that differentiator is how he does the complete OPPOSITE of what most people would expect from an online marketer:

- he's transparent (shows income reports)
- he's open (talks about his own personal problems + struggles)
- he's accessible (if you tweet him it's likely he'll reply)

How can you apply Environment Differentiation in your business?
Now, if you're thinking "this doesn't apply to me", then keep reading. There are two things you need to do to begin implementing this technique today:

  1. figure out the most common complaint(s) or misconception(s) about your industry right now.
  2. figure out how to fix it.

The "figure out how to fix it" is where we tend to get held up... keep in mind, sometimes all that means is that you need to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing -- like Pat Flynn, or like the quiet merchant my wife and I gravitated towards when we were buying souvenirs in Mexico. 

Bottom line?

Regardless of how you approach "environmental differentiation" (doing the opposite, or coming up with something new) the result of your behavior always needs to involve solving someone's problems or meeting their needs.

It's that simple... but like so many other things in life, it's easier said than done. And since that's the case, it'd probably be a good idea to start doing something about it today.

Dean Bokhari

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