Jenny Santi - The Giving Way To Happiness


Ever wonder how much is too much when it comes to giving to others? We all know it's important to give and be of service to those in need... but how important is it, exactly? And while we're at it, what should we be giving, anyway? After all, some folks want to give in ways that extend beyond financials.

Well, on today's episode of the podcast, we'll be discussing the science of giving--and how it can dramatically improve the quality of your life--with Jenny Santi.

Jenny's the author of a book called The Giving Way To Happiness: Stories and Science Behind The Life-Changing Power of Giving, and in this interview, she'll be sharing some of the big ideas behind her book. In addition, we'll also talk about:

  • why it's important to give to others,
  • some of the different ways in which we can be of service, and
  • how you can use the science of giving to maximize your overall sense of fulfillment and happiness, both personally and professionally. 

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