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On today's episode of the podcast, we’re going to be talking about sleep… Now, we’ve all been told how important it is to get enough sleep — but how many of us are actually optimizing our sleep? How many of us are actually establishing the right nighttime rituals and routines to help us get the deepest, highest quality levels sleep we really need in order to succeed in our lives?

If you’ve ever had issues with getting yourself to fall asleep, or getting yourself to STAY asleep, or if you’ve ever had any issues with sleep in general — then you’re really gonna wanna turn up the volume and tune-in for this episode, because today I’m joined by a guy who literally wrote the book on "sleep." And his name is Shawn Stevenson.

Shawn is the creator of The Model Health Show, which is one of the most popular Health podcasts on iTunes, and he’s the bestselling author of a book called Sleep Smarter — and today he’s here to share some of his biggest ideas from the book to help you optimize your sleep, so you can optimize your life.

Here are some of the big ideas you'll learn about in this interview:

  • Science-backed tips for falling asleep quickly
  • Safe supplements to help you sleep smarter
  • Simple, proven strategies you can start implementing immediately to dramatically optimize your quality sleep
  • And much, much more. Click below to start listening now...


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