How to Handle Uncertainty

“Every generation speaks about uncertain times. Born in uncertainty, living in uncertainty, we pass on in uncertainty. By living creatively we bend uncertainty to our will so we can reach goals and a sense of fulfillment. We live successfully by rising above our tensions. We can do this effectively if we practice the art of mental and spiritual relaxation” —Maxwell Maltz

291. How to Handle Uncertainty

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How to handle uncertainty

Here are four tips to master the art of relaxing your mind in times of uncertainty:

1. Forgive others

Forgive others, with no sense of condemnation. A clean, clear slate. Not forgiveness on an installment plan. “I love you today, but I can’t stand you tomorrow”—that’s NOT forgiveness. Forgiveness is a difficult habit to learn, but it’s worth the work.

2. Forgive yourself

Forgive yourself for your errors, mistakes and misinformed actions. Another tough one, but you can do it. Forget the screw-ups of yesterday and make it a habit to live fully today. Making mistakes is part of being human… Forgiving yourself for your past mistakes is part of being an exceptional human.

3. Don’t compare yourself with anyone other than yourself

Don’t compare yourself with anyone other than yourself. Trying to imitate other people will always make you feel inauthentic. You’ll feel a nagging sense of uncertainty when you compare yourself with others, because it’s an indication that you’re uncertain about who YOU are. 

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4. See yourself at your best

See yourself at your best. Stop concentrating on your worst. You become your own worst enemy when you torture yourself with feelings of frustration every day. You’re at your best when you practice confidence on a daily basis. The choice is yours: you can choose to see yourself as washed up and worthless, or you can choose to see yourself as valuable and priceless. Self-image is a choice; choose wisely. Forget about yesterday’s failures and frustrations by substituting them with goal-oriented thoughts: think about and work toward making progress on your present goals… When you do this, you’ll be too busy to worry about the failures and pains of the past, because you’ll be pulled by the power of the present.

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