Weight Loss and Willpower (Episode #66)


Every week, there's a new weight loss pill or "proven method" to fat loss being peddled by some sketchy character in an Under Armour tank top. Maybe you've even fallen for their crap and pulled the trigger on whatever magic pill or piece of exercise equipment they had for sale at 2:00am on a Wednesday night.

This is NOT that.

In fact, it's the total opposite of a "magic" solution to weight loss... It's a *scientific* solution to weight loss.

Recently, I came across a pile of science-backed research on weight loss while I was reading a fascinating book called "Willpower". After sifting through hundreds of experiments about weight loss and willpower, here's what the authors recommend to anyone who's ready to start taking this whole weight loss thing seriously:

If you're serious about controlling your weight, you need the discipline to follow these three rules: 

#1. Never go on a diet.

#2. Never vow to give up chocolate or any other food. 

#3. Whether you're judging yourself or judging others, never equate being overweight with having weak willpower.

Here's some more food for thought from the authors of "Willpower":

"You may not have kept your resolution to lose ten pounds this year, but that doesn't mean you should take up a diet or swear off sweets. And you certainly shouldn't lose faith in your ability to accomplish other feats, because being overweight is not a telltale sign of weak willpower, even if most people think so..."

Yah wanna figure out how to stop binging on burgers, Big Gulps, and other fat-boy foods?

Listen in on today's episode of the podcast to find out about the research behind weight loss and willpower, and how to use it to your advantage in order to get that gut back in check, once and for all.

EP#66: Weight Loss and Willpower

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Willpower by Roy F. Baumeister, John Tierney

weight loss and willpower

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