Write Your Own Declaration of Independence

242 years ago, a group of gentlemen sat down and wrote out a little thing called "The Declaration of Independence." They wrote out this declaration of independence because they wanted to become independent of outside control and influence -- they didn't want anyone telling them how to steer their ship. 

This group grew sick and tired of being ruled by the British Empire, so, they decided to do something about it...

They leveraged their carefully-written declaration of independence to form their own country: the United States of America. And those scrolls they wrote on 242 years ago continue to be the spine that helps this (American) nation stand up straight

Countries have their own independence day; why can't we? 

Just as a country might gain independence from foreign rule, YOU too can gain independence from whatever ruling forces you've got going on in your own life.

It doesn't matter what you're being ruled by -- drugs, negative beliefs, fear of failure, an unsupportive partner, too much TV, a tendency to procrastinate on your most important projects and priorities... I can go all day, but you get the idea.

Each of these forces that holds us back in life -- and prevents us from embracing our independence -- can be crushed.

But how? Click the Play button below to learn exactly what to do... 

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