6 Journaling ideas for self-discovery + self-development

journaling_ideas(My current journal)

If I had to choose between throwing my iPhone into a burning fire vs. throwing my journal into the fire, the journal would win every single time.

The journal—it’s one of those things that can be as useless as a piece of trash, or one of the most valuable things you’ve ever owned. It all depends on what you fill that journal’s pages with.

In this episode + article, I’m going to share some of my personal favorite journaling ideas. You can use them all, combine the ones you like, or pick the single journaling idea that most resonates with where you’re at in life right now.

Either way, journaling—when done regularly—almost always leads to fresh, new insights and ideas that can absolutely transform your life.I’ve used all of these journaling ideas below at some point in my life. Either to get through tough times, to achieve my goals, maintain my sanity, or to foster my creative efforts (like fleshing out topic ideas for articles, podcasts or talks.)

Whichever one of these journaling ideas you decide to use, just promise me this: you’ll actually use them. Because they’ll only work if you work them…

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