How To Pick A Profitable Online Business Idea : Non-Sleazy Niche Selection 

In part one of this series about monetizing your message, we discussed the process of setting up an online business. In part two, we went over the mindset of an online entrepreneur. Today, we're covering perhaps the most important installment of this series so far - deciding on your online business idea.

There were two big concerns I had to deal with when I decided to start monetizing my message online:

#1. What should I monetize?
#2. How do I NOT come off like some sleazy internet marketer?

In today's episode of the Meaning•Full show, you're going to learn exactly how I overcame these two crucial questions to build a six-figure empire of my own. Click the play button below and enjoy! {Oh, and be sure to grab the free action guide I talk about in the video.}

The GPS Mapper:

This is a simple tool for you to discover, define, and hone-in on a handful of niches/topics for you to create and sell profitable products online.

As explained in the video, the ‘G’ represents what you’re Great at. The ‘P’ represents what you’re Passionate about. And the ’S’ represents how you can provide a Service ($) by combining both G+P.

The overlapping of the three (GPS) is your sweet spot. That’s where your voice lies… and that’s your best bet for long-term online monetization.

GPS Mapper (free download)

I've created a downloadable version of the GPS Mapper for you to grab below. Enjoy :-)

GPS Mapper (free)

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