The Power of Clarity

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”Having knowledge but lacking the power to express it clearly is no better than never having any ideas at all.” —Pericles

When we don’t have clarity about our work, we procrastinate.

When we don’t have clarity about our own needs and the needs of our spouse/partner, we become disconnected and the relationship suffers.

When we lack clarity of purpose, we tend to get pulled in different directions by different forces (namely: people and circumstances).

When we’re unable to communicate with clarity, whatever message we’re working to get across doesn’t get across… Or, the meaning behind what we’re trying to communicate is misinterpreted—or altogether misunderstood—by the person on the receiving end.

When we don’t have clarity about which exercises we plan to do when we get to the gym, we’ll walk in there and meander from one exercise machine to another, without really getting a good sweat going.

Someone once said, clarity is power … It really is.

The power of clarity.

Prior to any new undertaking—however big or small—it’s worth asking ourselves how much clarity we need to succeed.

  1. Envision the outcome. What exactly is it that you’re after? Write it down.
  2. Plan it out. What’s the step-by-step—detailed—plan of action that’ll help you achieve your outcome? Write it down, map it out… Create a blueprint that you can follow, and be flexible enough to recognize when you need to modify your plans as you execute.
  3. Envision your actions. Visualize yourself taking action and executing your plans.
  4. Lastly (and obviously) — TAKE ACTION.

There aren’t many things more powerful than a life lived with passionate clarity.

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