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Below, you'll find my most popular self-improvement articles and podcast episodes. All content is categorized around four major areas of focus: (1) physical // (2) intellectual // (3) emotional // (4) spiritual


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  1. Mind Like Water: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

    Jan 30, 17 09:27 PM

    EP174. Mind Like Water • Let's discuss a core principle for achieving stress-free producitivity: getting stuff out of your head and into a trusted productivity system...

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  2. 30 Day Trials: The Secret to Starting Good Habits That Stick

    Jan 22, 17 01:12 PM

    EP173. 30-Day Trials: The Secret to Starting Good Habits That Stick • 30-day trials are one of the most game-changing personal development ideas I’ve ever incorporated into my life. And today [...]

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  3. Focus on The Practice

    Jan 10, 17 03:12 PM

    EP172. Focus on The Practice • It’s the new year, and by now you’ve probably reflected on the past and you’ve probably started setting some resolutions and goals for the

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physical (health, wealth, and energy)



intellectual (productivity, lifehacks, goal setting)




emotional (social skills, communication, leadership)



spiritual (meditation, philosophy, purpose)

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  1. Mind Like Water: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

  2. 30 Day Trials: The Secret to Starting Good Habits That Stick

  3. Focus on The Practice

  4. The 5 Love Languages - Which One Do You Speak?

  5. 30 Life Lessons Learned in 30 Years

  6. 3 Tricks on How to Avoid Procrastination

  7. Meaningful Work

  8. Feel The Fear, Take Action Anyway

  9. How Happiness Comes From Solving Problems

  10. 5 Deadly Mistakes That Prevent You From Achieving Your Goals

  11. How To Change When Change Is Hard — 3 Science-Backed Steps

  12. Pre-Suasion: To Influence Others, Use "The Principle of Unity"

  13. Paul Smith: Sell With a Story

  14. 8 Simple Ideas on Finding Your Calling

  15. Learn To Love Yourself: 9 Ways To Cultivate Self-Love

  16. 3 Reasons Why You're Unfulfilled

  17. Kute Blackson: You Are The One

  18. Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz : Book Summary

  19. You Make Mistakes--Mistakes Don't Make You

  20. The 10X Rule

  21. 3 Laws to Redefine Your Life and Succeed on Your Own Terms

  22. 4 Major Keys To Achieving Your Goals (Backed by Science)

  23. 99% is a BITCH; 100% is a BREEZE

  24. Tucker Max: How To Write a Best-Selling Book (Everything You Need to Know)

  25. Inspiration vs Motivation

  26. Jonah Berger: Invisible Influence

  27. Flow: The 9 Essential Elements of Happiness in Life and Work

  28. Kevin Kelly: The Technological Forces That Will Shape Your Future

  29. The Four Thieves of Productivity

  30. Michael Bungay Stanier - The Coaching Habit and The Power of Questions

  31. The First Key To Mastery : Finding Your Life's Task

  32. Getting Better Sleep : 17 Science-Backed Tips For Getting a Good Night's Sleep

  33. Know What You Want

  34. Shawn Stevenson - Sleep Smarter

  35. Joy-Money-Flow : The Simple Formula For The Work You Were Born To Do

  36. Disfluency - The Secret to Turning Knowledge into Power

  37. Chris Guillebeau - Born For This: How to Find the Work You Were Meant to Do

  38. Stretch Goals + SMART Goals = SUCCESS (Smarter Faster Better, Part II)

  39. How To Be Smarter, Faster and Better at Everything You Do, Part I: Goals

  40. Daniel Coyle - The Talent Code (Interview)

  41. Carmine Gallo - The Storyteller's Secret

  42. The Laws of Attraction - 13 Easy Ways To Get People To Like You

  43. Strategic Procrastination - How The World's Most Original People Get Things Done

  44. 11 Tips to Have a Long-Lasting, Happy Relationship

  45. Resistance : 3 Steps to Embracing Struggle and Succeeding in Spite of Fear

  46. Positive Thinking Is NOT Enough

  47. Jay Papasan - The ONE Thing

  48. The Power of Habit: 3 Steps To Creating Good Habits (and Breaking Bad Habits)

  49. Take Action

  50. Presence by Amy Cuddy : Book Summary

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